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Ochiltree Joinery: The Film

“Wow – I didn’t realise so much work went into your windows and doors.”

When we are showing visitors around our workshop, that’s the comment we get the most. One visitor even took it a little further and suggested that we make a video to demonstrate the process.

At Ochiltree we are quite modest (we could be accused of hiding our light under a bushel) but after some thought we went for it! Why not show off how we produce our range of bespoke windows and doors.

While seeing our craftsman at work, the video below also helps to explain why we enjoy working with Accoya wood and the lengths we go to colour match to our client’s specifications; particularly when we are working on heritage projects.

We hope that you enjoy it. Sadly, we have just missed the Cannes Film Festival for this year but there’s always 2023

With over 30 years’ experience producing quality bespoke windows and doors we know there are no short cuts to quality. It’s important to work with a company who take the time and effort to find out exactly what you want and then advise you how to get it. It’s easy simply to look at the cost and not see the bigger picture: the investment.

If we can help you with any projects that you are current considering, please get in touch.

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