Sliding & Folding Doors

Sliding Doors


If you’re looking to replace your old sliding doors or extending your home wooden lift and slide patio doors can be a great alternative.Sliding doors can be made with much larger glass panels compared to French Doors or Bi-folding doors, therefore a great choice to make the most of your view. If you are creating a large glazed area sliding doors are ideal.

Unlike bi-folding doors sliding doors have far less frame in your sight line, the larger glass area will let in more light and allow the feeling of merging the inside with the outside even when the doors are closed. For smaller properties, a lift and slide patio door can also save space, they are a perfect option for balconies, small patios or terraces. The sliding action of the doors means there is no hinged or folding mechanism like a swing door or a folding door.

Bifold & Folding Doors


Bifold doors or folding doors are incredibly popular at the moment as the perfect way to blend your living area with your garden or to create a removable room divider.

Unlike a sliding door a bifold is a door is created with panels which fold up neatly on the wall.Typically, a bifold can have anything between two to seven panels that are connected with hinges and attached to rollers at the top or bottom.
Often a bifold will feature a traffic door. This is a door at one end of the bifold that opens like a standard entrance door, allowing continued use of the bifold throughout the colder months without having to push all the panels back.
One of the ‘deal clinchers’ of bifold doors is that they offer spectacular views by opening up large spaces with out having frames or part of the window left in place.

Our Accoya bifold doors are manufactured to order and are ideal for external use for balconies and patios whether you are replacing existing doors or they are part of a new build extension. Accoya is renowned for durability and gives a 50year guarantee. 

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