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Save on your utility bills with bespoke energy saving glazing from Ochiltree joinery in Acomb.

At Ochiltree Joinery, we fully understand that there are competing pressures on household budgets right now.

The cost of energy to heat and light our homes is increasing dramatically despite the price caps and across the board we are seeing other inflationary pressures.

With our 30+ years of experience we’ve seen both the ups and the downs of the property and home improvement markets. What know is that no matter the market conditions homeownership is one of, if not the biggest investments people make and keeping their homes aesthetically and timelessly beautiful, secure and warm with high quality craftsmanship and materials is an investment that homeowners never regret.

Ochlitree specialise in bespoke timber windows and doors and are able to work within the strictest of restrictions for heritage and listed properties as well as complementing the most contemporary of new builds.

Timber no longer means maintenance or poor energy efficiency –

in fact quite the opposite using sustainably produced and super durable Accoya® wood, timber is the environmentally friendly energy efficient choice.

We combine Accoya® timber beautifully with Saint Gobain’s high performance Planitherm glass, Planitherm stops heat escaping through your windows whilst still letting light stream in and is considered to be very neutral in colour… so is completing in keeping with the appearance of an older property.

To find out more about how Ochiltree your local Northumberland and North East timber windows and doors specialists can help you keep your home beautiful, warm and secure with lower energy bills and less maintenance please call 01434 609361

At Ochiltree Bespoke Joinery, we fully understand that there are competing pressures on ho
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